News Release: GreemHeartTree Energy (GHTE) entered the renewable energy market in Guyana

Paramakatoi - March 4, 2017 - GreenHeartTree Energy (GHTE) entered the renewable energy market in Guyana today when it commissioned a 10Kw system to power the Paramakatoi Flavours Sun-Dried Tomato Processing Plant.

GreenHeartTree Energy Inc. is a Guyanese led company that was formed following President Granger’s call for diaspora Guyanese to return, invest and contribute to the development of the nation during a visit to Toronto in September 2015. We have since registered companies in Canada and Guyana.

The company’s strategy is to forge relationships with multi-national companies that will result in investment here and jobs for Guyanese. We are also working to ensure these relationships result in the transfer of technological expertise, the opening up of more economic opportunities, strengthening of the manufacturing base and new capital inflows.

As part of this plan GHTE has signed joint venture agreements with 5 successful international companies that span industries including renewable energy, large infrastructure development like highways and power generation, and home construction using new technology materials.

The company’s more immediate focus however is to provide affordable PV solar energy solutions for the residential and commercial markets in Guyana.

“We are looking to introduce to the market a PV solar system for the owners of homes and businesses that will reduce their dependence on GPL for power and lessen their electricity costs at the same time,” said GreenHeartTree Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Esmonde ‘Gamo’ Klass.

“With this approach we will help to eliminate blackouts as there will be a collective alternative source of electricity resulting in less demand for power from the utility,” he added.

The Paramakatoi project is the beginning of GHTE’s commitment to long term investment in the Guyana economy.


For more information contact:

Lindsay Davidson

VP, Government and Public Affairs

Tel: 663-1773